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Gemology is a another part of Astrology. The Gemology helps to remove the adverse and bad effects of malefic planets. like ( Shani and Mangal ) As per astrological chart. the care is very much necessary for you to do remedy of gemology.

Its very importent to choose the right planet to wear a gem. May be Sometimes benefic planets also harmful after wearing of its gemstone. A malefic planet can offer the best result after wearing its gemstone. this is very necessary to wear any gemstone after consulting with Gemology Expert.

The ancient Vedic Astrology says that conducts all detailed horoscope casting including Panchanga Shudhi Checks, detailed analysis on Vimshottari dasa periods and Shadbala tables to arrive at the strength of planets. We can identify the weakest planet, benefic lordships, malefic lordships.

Gemstone selection is done after a careful analysis of the lordships of houses and strengths of planets by any Astrologer ( Anukul-Graha (Favorable Planet) ) selection system is applied how to find the most beneficial gem for the horoscope. We can make the gemstone prescription with the exact required weight, required metal for the ring to be set up, which finger to wear, the weekday and exact time to start wearing the gemstone by yourself.

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