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Although the relationship of husband and wife is full of love and love is seen in one's life throughout life, sometimes due to planetary distress, due to the conflict in the house, and stress increases in married life. Because of this discord gets divorced and a holy relationship breaks down till it breaks. To save their divorce, women and men take many measures and again adopt many tricks to establish love, which is used to restore peace in the home. There are many reasons for divorce- In the life of the couple, occasionally, due to the virtue of the horoscope of the house, and the matter comes to divorce, to avoid this, the quality of the girl and the boy before marriage must be combined. If the condition of Venus in the guru is going on in the horoscope, it is decided that there will be a conflict between the followers of Guru in Venus and the end of this fight can reach the divorce. If a husband or wife is in the seventh house of anybody in the horoscope, then there will be home distress and distress can increase till divorce. Divorce measures and tricks( Remedy to Stop Divorce )- If there is a problem then the solution is happening somewhere. Therefore first of all go to the cause and treat it accordingly. If the problem is due to the planet's fault, then first make the planet peace, then only resort to some tricks. The proper solution to belief and determination is not wasted. Following measures work to prevent or remedy divorce –
  • Place a picture of Hanuman ji's brave face on the northern wall of your house.
  • Investigate the horoscope, if the situation of divorce is due due to the fury of Rahu, the southward Hanuman ji should go round seven times in opposite direction.
  • Apply vermilion from any southward Hanuman temple on your picture of your spouse.
  • Establish Shivling in the house and after giving proper status of life, submit water vaplets regularly for 41 consecutive days and chant the following mantra -"Om Namah Shiva Shaktiwarupay: Mm: grahe shanti kuru kuru swahah". Negative impact is removed from the house of the chanting of this mantra and the status of divorce is over.
  • If there is a divorce situation due to being in the fourth house of Mars, then offer sweet milk in the root of the banyan root.
Someone is disturbed by their spouse and wants to get divorced and someone wants to avoid it. If you are also troubled by this problem then contact us and get a solution to every problem with astrological solution.