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Love is such a feeling of heart that we get gift from God on birth. In the future, this love is manifested in its vast form. Love can be manifested to anyone. He can also be born to God, parents, guru, friend, anyone. But in today's society, only perceptions for the opposite gender are considered love. The whole world knows that the love of Meera was the best love for Krishna. Even so many devotees of the poets have described their love for Krishna. In astrology, love has always been interested in relationships and love-marriage. In astrology, there are many such planetary states and descriptions, due to which the person loves and the situation reaches the love marriage. If the ominous and cruel planets sit together with planets in the process of love marriage, problems in love marriage are interrupted. If there is no yoga in the horoscope of love-marriage, there is no love-marriage.

Astrological yoga of love marriage 1. If there is a war between the birth of Mars or Rahu or Saturn, then there is a possibility of love marriage. 2. When Rahu is first colum is in first marriage, but if Jupiter's eyes are appearing at the seventh house, then the person is attracted towards the family and is attracted towards love-marriage. 3. When the fifth house is Rahu or Ketu, the person takes the love-affair to the level of marriage. 4. When the sight of Rahu or Ketu is falling on Venus or Saptamesh, the possibility of love marriage is strong. 5. If the moon or the moon is sitting in the same house with the owner of the fifth house, then there can be love and marriage. 6. Even with the lord of the seventh house, if the moon or moon is in the seventh house, then the sum of love-marriage is made. 7. If the owner of the fifth or seventh house or the owner of the seventh or the ninth house is seated with each other, then the sum of the love-marriage becomes united. 8. Even when the owner of the seventh house is in seventh, there can be love marriage too. 9. If Venus or Moon is fifth or fifth from marriage, love marriage is done. 10. If the lord of marriage and fifth is sitting together or if the lord of marriage or ninth is sitting together or looking at each other, then he makes a pair of love-marriage. 11. If Saturn or Ketu are in the seventh house, then the possibility of love-marriage increases. 12. When the Lord of the seventh house, ie the sight of Saptamesh, is on Dwashash or if Saptamesh's war is in Dashash Bhave with Venus then the hope of love marriage increases.