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Everyone wants to win the lottery, but most of us do not have a lucky number on the ticket. How can you increase your chances of winning? Well, generally, the more tickets you buy for the drawing of a specific lottery, the better your chances of winning. But some people believe that there is a lot more besides this. The lottery is the only thing that can make the person rich quick. But everyone does not have the fate of it. But we are going to tell you about a secret on which if you look at, you too can become rich. You will win the same lottery you have purchased. We are talking about keeping money in the lottery keeping in mind the facts of astrology. Actually, according to astrology, the effects of planets on organisms, inanimate objects, and even on every circumstance also have an effect. So if we make those planets friendly, we can achieve success every moment. In the opinion of astrology, 'Rahu' is the only planet that is connected with lottery things. If it is a planet that is in a very strong position in someone's horoscope, then whenever a person plays speculative-lottery, he will win. Not only this, the advice given by them can also make people profitable. Of the 9 planets provided by astrology, Rahu is considered a sinful planet. But despite this, it is given an impressive and strong planet status. If it is in an inauspicious condition in someone's horoscope then he can ruin his life, but becoming friendly with him can get the person 'Rajyog'. If Rahu is adaptable in the horoscope of a person, Rahu's condition or Mahadasha is going on in the person's favor, apart from this, the money donation planets are also in Laknese, Ekadashesh, Chaturshash, Panchamesh or Bhagyesh Priti. Buy the lottery or put money in the lottery, will win many times more than that. Now if Rahu is not friendly then will not it benefit in this situation? It is not like this .... In such a way, if the money is being made in the planet Planet, Lanesh, Ekadashesh, Chaturtha, Panchmesh or Bhagyesh Bhav, or if they are running their condition-Mahadasha, which is making Yoga, even if you win the lottery May be. So whenever you are thinking of putting money in speculative or lottery, first get an estimate of your birth journal with an astrologer, you will know how strong Rahu is in your horoscope and whether it can give you money or not. If Rahu is not strong, then you can take the further explanation or contact with our astrologer……

To make Rahu happy, please sing at least one item of this mantra daily - "Om Rāmh Rahway Namah”( “ॐ रां राहवे नमः) chant a malla every day". Enclose in nine rings of onyx punch or iron ring. On Saturday, bequeathed the Ring through the seed mantra of Rahu and put it in the middle finger of the right hand.

Read Durga Chalisa. Feed the millet daily for the birds, this gives Rahu planet strength. Jalabhishek on Shivling. Keep one thing in mind, do not drink voracious diet and drinking, it will ruin you even more. If you buy lottery numbers, please contact our Lottery Number Specialist Astrologer. They will give you full details of the lottery number.