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The boy or girl begins to appear first and the worries of concern on her father's forehead. Where will the money come from for a wedding, it is a big concern, how will a good boy get in his own caste? On the contrary, the boys and girls of different castes are in love and often think alone, "Will we get married or not? My parents will believe? Chacha-Tau, Mama-Moshaji people will do the largest auditions What do you do, do not understand? " In India, the bond of marriage is considered to be the bond of birth and birth. In such a way, those days are far away in India, when all people will enjoy accepting inter-caste marriages. In such a way, inter-relation marriage is very distant. It is said that love does not see any religion or caste. Love is a feeling that any person can be for anyone. Often, many cases come in which boys and girls love each other. But when it comes to their marriage, many problems in their marriage come only because the cast of the two lovers joints is different. In such a situation, many lovers and couples did not get married only because of this. If you are also troubled by the problem that your partner is from another cast, then skip worry. There are several such measures that will not cause any kind of problems in the inter-cast marriage. These measures make some coincidence that your family members are ready for your wedding and when your family considers marriage, society also does not say anything. So you must try them out.

It is most essential to inter-caste marriage that the most important thing is that you persuade your lover or kin of your girlfriend or do them in your favor and to do this, you can use sandalwood powder, gangaajal, 1 white cloth and 1 coconut You can use it. Also, you chant the mantra of "Om Aam Chandikayya Vidyehye Tripuraay Dhimahi Tanno Gauri Prachodyat Klin". You will need the help of an astrologer to know about its method and other measures. For this, Our Astrologer Krishnakant ji is the best person. He has a deep experience of the many Inter Caste Marriage Problem Solutions. If you are also troubled by this problem, then we will solve your problem.