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Everyone wants to see their family happy and satisfied. The happiness of the family is based on love between husband and wife. When quarrels start between husband and wife, it does not affect only family problems, but also affects the professional and social life of a person. Whenever there is disturbance, problems and differences in family life, then husband and wife should try to solve problems and understand them instead of blaming each other. If husband and wife use astrological treatment with their efforts, then with their efforts, they will soon be able to overcome all the difficulties. If the husband and wife are struggling with some problems, they should chant the "taya shree mahamrityunjaya" mantra to solve their problems. The mantra is as follows: "om hoon joon sa: or om joon sa: and om nam: shivaya" ! Both people can chant these two mantras on the first monday of any shukla paksh. Sometimes the affection of love and married life gets affected, and both husband and wife start giving importance to each other's bad habits. This is not a good sign for happy married life. Because whenever such a situation arises in married life, it can lead to protests and controversy. The wife should take this measure to overcome this situation and increase the love between them. Under specific circumstances, this remedy can be done by the husband.

“ऊँ महायक्षिणी मम पति वशमानय कुरु कुरु स्वाहा”!

This mantra is very auspicious to increase the love and happiness in the marriage of husband and wife. Therefore, treat all the treatments with complete faith and devotion. However, due to these remedies, due to husband or wife, there is opposition and differences in their married life, they should take a vow to repeat their mistake.

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