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Mantra to subdue the husband, the trick to subdue the husband, the way to subdue the husband - Every woman wants her husband to remain in control. That is why the measures are being given to control husband here. Many women have this problem that their husbands do not love them and do not accept their advice. In such a situation, women do not understand what they should do that their husbands start loving them as before.

Love and faith among husband wife is the basic premise of the household. So if your husband leaving you and mad another woman, then with time you can get rid of your problem with the control of these husbands.

Totke to control husband-

You can do this remedy on Friday. On this day, put 3 cardamom with your body and keep it with her husband when you go to sleep. The next day, grind this cardamom and mix it in tea or other foods and feed the husband. By doing so, your attraction towards the husband will increase. If you are afraid that your husband does not leave you in the love of another woman, then these solutions will be very useful to you. In this, you get the paste by grinding coconut, camphor and dhatro seeds. After this add a little honey to it. Put this coating on your body and slightly on your husband's body. In doing so, your husband will be attracted to you for a few days.

If your husband is going crazy in the love of another woman then you are advised to take these measures. In this, you should cut off some of your husband's hair at 12 o'clock on Thursday night. Push these husbands' hair with feet. By doing this, you will be able to see the effect in a few days. These measures are very simple but very effective in ways to control husbands. In this measure you have to have a meal with your husband. While eating, take food from your plate and keep it in the husband's plate. By doing this, you will start attracting your husband towards you. With the help of mantra you can also subdue your husband. Regularly chant the mantra to subdue the husband given here. Make a chant of this mantra for a month for continuous rhinestone.

These spells are as follows:
ऊं हृीं वांछितं मे वशमानय स्वाहा

It is the most important in domestic life that husbands should live with love and faith. If you love each other with a true heart then the magic of your personality can not be interrupted by one another. If you try with a true heart, then this 'remedy to control your husband' will prove to be a boon for you. For more information on husbands spying spell, please contact our husband Vashikaran Guru ji. Guruji will tell you about different method of husband Vashikaran