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How to overcome husband, as we all know, how many domestic conflicts in today's world can be overcome by husbands because those who are tied in the bondage of marriage, if there is a feud between them after the Puranic relation, then if If your husband does not listen to you, then let's know how you will control your husband.

Relationship between husband and wife is such a relationship that if one of them becomes rude, the day is worsened. So try to maintain love between each other, but how to come -

Mantra given to husband to be enslaved can prove to be very useful. The mantra to subjugate the husband is: -

नमो महायक्षिण्यै मम पतिं भे मम वश्यं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा

A thousand times of this mantra is done by husband in poison. With the help of this mantra you can subdue your husband if you want to get more information about this mantra, then you can contact our guru and take proper solution.