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When we love someone with a true heart and want to spend our whole life with him or want to get married. But sometimes it happens that we fail to find our love, or for some reason it has to be away from our love. In this way a number of ways and mantras have been mentioned in astrology, who can get their rested love again.

Astrological Solution to Get Lost Love:-
  • Strengthens Venus in the Horoscope
  • Take steps to make the fifth house in the horoscope and make its owner stronger
  • Make the peace of the planet in the seventh house and Saptamesh
  • Do not donate a thing to each other
  • Give red, pink, and yellow items in gift
    • According To Vastu Shastra, Such A Way To Get True Love:-
      • Do not have toilets or kitchen in the south-west direction of the house
      • Do not paint red in the south-west direction of the house for the depth of love
      • To get true love, keep a pair of love birds in the southwest direction.
      • To strengthen the love affair, do not have blue color in the south or southwest direction
      • To keep freshness in love, clean the east and northeast zone at home.
      • Do not have a bedroom in the east or north-east direction of the house
      • There is a bedroom on the south side of the house
      • Keep a photo of your loved one north or north-west direction
      • Keep your love letters in the north-west direction
      • Keep your family's atmosphere calm, otherwise your relationships may get worse

      To keep the sweetness in love, make Kmadev happy through Shabar Mantra, Mantra -" Om Kamdevay Vidyameha, Rati Priyaaye Dhamahi, Tanno Ananga Prachodyaat". Apart from "Om Namo Bhagwat Kamdevay Yasy Yasy drashyo Bhavami Yasy Yasy Mam Mukhm Pastity Tan Tan Mohaytu Swaha". 'The chanting of mantras brings intense mental and physical attraction. We hope that through the above steps you will find true love in life and be happy in your love life! If you want to seek advice from the guru, call him or phone him