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Someone has said right that love is not lost, it gets done. When it is time to woo your mind and meet your partner who has a relaxed heart, it can not be said. Love begins with eyes and then gradually falls into the heart. When there is a heart that does not believe then you want to stay in the marital bonding by promising to live together with each other for a lifetime. But when it comes to marriage with your favorite partner,then creating problems the mind becomes disturbed. Let's know how to overcome obstacles in Love Marriage…..

Teenagers wishing to marry love, do their daily reading of 108 times below the Ramacharitmanas' lower chapatis by Tulsi's rosary.

सुनिसिय सत्य असीस हमारी। पूजहि मन कामना तिहारी।।

Those people who love, but if there is any family or other problem in marriage, they should remove all the problems from continuously chanting at least 1 mala of 6 months for the following 'ऊं लग्नाय नमो' Mantra. Goes and gets success in love marriage.

The biggest concern of parents is to marry their sons and daughters on time. The age of many young people goes past but they can not get a suitable spouse or say that there is some kind of obstruction in their marriage. Especially due to delays in the marriage of women, the entire family gets stressed. Several reasons and their solutions have been reported in the astrology of non-marriage or interference in marriages, Vaastu also has many reasons to obstruct marriage.

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