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Family life runs on members' sacrifice, love, affection, generosity, service, tolerance and mutual respect. Family is considered as a co-existence, collective life, service and tolerance school, but when the relations of mutualism are filled with selfish, narrow-minded, intolerance Then the family transforms into a pure expression of hell. The main reason for the plight of family life is the lack of practical life education. Discrimination, dispute, fighting-fighting in the house-to-house are common. But how to handle such situations, can we take advantage of such a situation to be aware?

Friends, there is no family of people who do not have problems. Because, where there is love, there is conflict and where there is conflict, there are problems. But we should not try to solve those problems, we should try to solve them. But solving many problems of the family becomes very difficult. And they can have bad effects on the children. So, together with them, all together, take out a solution. The basic understanding of solving family problems can help you stop many potential issues and it can also solve other difficulties. You can find a proper and effective solution to any social, family or personal problem. Your identity will not be public.

Life and problems complement each other. From the beginning of life to the end, they do not leave the chase. Some problems come and go away. Many times it happens that they stick like a termite and start coughing a happy life. In Astrology there are some such remedies, which give accurate results. By adopting them, you can solve any problem going on in the family and home.

* If there is any fight or differences in the house, then to change it in love between 12 to 3 o'clock in the night, the pot from which all the members of the family drink water, taking one of the water from it in all the directions of the house and Sprinkle some water in the middle. Take this measure secretly.

* If a family member has been running ill for a long time, before sleeping at night, put a coin under his bed. Wake up in the morning and throw the coin in the crematorium.

* Anyone in the spouse should offer a vermilion on a bouquet of flowers daily and offer it on basil. All problems in marital life will end and love will grow.

* On Saturday, make pakodas in mustard oil and distribute them to the poor, Shani's grace will be received.

* Put the water, turmeric and coin in a mag for the daughter's happy couple life, and throw them in front of the farewell.

* On Tuesday, make flour tablets and pour the fish, money related problems will be solved.

* Cut dry dry coconuts from the top and fill the sugar in it, press down under the raw ground. Maa Lakshmi will be happy.

* Find the vermillion on the left leg of Hanuman ji and get rid of the blame.

* By offering saffron milk mixed on shivaling, the sum of early marriage is made. Similarly, there are many astrological solution for family problems. To get these solutions, you have to contact our Family Problem Solution Astrologer, they will help you in every way.